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OK, could we just all calm the fuck down?  I realize the Fire lost last weekend.  Shit I was there standing in the fucking cold rooting the boys on.  Yet I was mildly encouraged by the loss.  There were problems but for a team looking to establish a new style of play I thought things […]

The awesome Tom Dunmore, curator of Pitch Invasion, wrote a reaction to the news that the Champions League final is to be broadcasted on Fox.  His comments center around if this is good for MLS or not. At the same time, it’s been pretty clear for some time that when MLS targets its marketing to people […]

Looks like the Fire will lose David Myrie in the expansion draft.  Official list not quite out yet.   Update:  It is Official.

Ives has gone on to write a huge ass fucking tome elaborating on his retarded twitter from yesterday.  Lets get started. What do you get when you take an overbearing and meddling owner and a stubborn head coach? You get a marriage that was never going to work. You are the only one that has […]