Peter King is a Fuck Hole


Fake Sigi brings the noise.

As for Peter King, well, check out his first professional soccer game in England, also last year.

“The enthusiasm of the crowd, particularly the end-zone nutjobs, never wavered. . . I walked away wondering if there’s anything in America like the constant hum of a 90-minute match with the kind of tradition football in Britain has. I’m not sure there is. Maybe a big college-football rivalry or a Red Sox-Yankees playoff game, or Canadiens-Leafs when both are hot. I don’t know. I doubt it.”

I don’t know fuckhead, maybe ANY Seattle Sounders game? Or any good MLS or WPS playoff match? Or the National Teams? Ok, fine you sort of have us at the tradition, but seriously. IS THERE ANYTHING IN AMERICA LIKE THIS NO NOT AT ALL FUCK FACE SOCCER DOESN’T EXIST HERE GO BACK TO WRITING ABOUT YOUR POINTY BALL I HATE YOU.

This is in response to SI announcing that fuck hole Peter King will be sent to South Africa to cover the World Cup. Of course King could turn in total train wreck columns which will make for compelling internet theatre.


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