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@beacoupKevin EVEN MORE ALTERNATE TIGER WOODS MOMENT I’LL ACCEPT: “Into dudes now. Who wants their slice?” @paulsen_smw Interesting hearing the NBC News Special Report music — used for 9/11, deaths, presidential addresses — used for Tiger Woods statement. @sbjsbd Golf Writers won’t go to Woods’ event as pool reporters; @jonshow_sbj says vote was 19 to […]

Fake Sigi brings the noise. As for Peter King, well, check out his first professional soccer game in England, also last year. “The enthusiasm of the crowd, particularly the end-zone nutjobs, never wavered. . . I walked away wondering if there’s anything in America like the constant hum of a 90-minute match with the kind of […]

The awesome Tom Dunmore, curator of Pitch Invasion, wrote a reaction to the news that the Champions League final is to be broadcasted on Fox.  His comments center around if this is good for MLS or not. At the same time, it’s been pretty clear for some time that when MLS targets its marketing to people […]