No Swearing on the Internet Please!


Hey motherfucker,

Asshole who yelled at me for writing curse words on the internet the other day.  I’m talking to you fucktard.  It’s like you’ve never been on the internet before.  Or been in a conversation with other adults under the age of 75.

Are you trying to make up for your own moral failings by yelling at other adults for swearing?  Seriously your own moral compass has some issues.  Let me list a few of them that I’ve learned of recently.

1.  You fuck monkeys.

2.  You dressed up as Megan Fox for Halloween even getting all her weird tattoos correct.

3.  You wear shoes two sizes too small because “my small feet make me feel sexy”.

4.  You read Maxim for sex help.

So if you put all of the above together you had an orgy, with a bunch of monkeys, while dressed as Megan Fox, in small shoes, pulling off sex maneuvers you read about in Maxim, while telling the monkeys to stop swearing at you.



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