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Looks like the Fire will lose David Myrie in the expansion draft.  Official list not quite out yet.   Update:  It is Official. Advertisements

Ives has gone on to write a huge ass fucking tome elaborating on his retarded twitter from yesterday.  Lets get started. What do you get when you take an overbearing and meddling owner and a stubborn head coach? You get a marriage that was never going to work. You are the only one that has […]

Soccer By Ives:  So who will Chicago hire next? Look for the Fire to hire a young coach the ownership can try to control. The SBI early favorite? Chris Armas Ives on Twitter 6pm ish 11/25. Could it be more obvious that Ives was getting his info on the Fire coaching situation from the Denis […]

Within the past 30 minutes the Chicago Fire issued a press release announcing the Denis Hamlett will not be retained as head coach for next season.  Frank Klopas will handle all duties until a new coach is hired.   This has been coming for a while now.  The Fire was loaded with veteran talent yet […]

Kevin Pelton over at Basketball Prospectus put together an article a few days ago regarding the statistical possibility the Bucks would make the playoffs based on their first ten games.  If you’re a Bucks fan this article is damn good news. I do enjoy the use of advanced statistics in general and in this case […]



New iMac’s with the core i7 chip in them are having issues. Some are arriving DOA others have shown up with cracked screens.   It has been a few months of fail for Apple when you consider the Snow Leopard disaster.   So when do the Apple jokes start running hot and heavy?

Journos are pussies Only attack when it’s safe   Funny and insightful.